Just why does it have to exist wars…families get torn apart.. sons and daughters ripped away from their mothers and fathers.. the feeling of anguish and despair. Parents losing their will to live, losing the one thing that truly makes them happy, their children, family. Human beings are so stupid and selfish..

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Rain in New York:)

Thanks, the-moons-shadow!


Rain in New York:)

Thanks, !


 People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway

everybody being a smooth criminal

Anonymous asked: you're so cute and pretty it makes me jelly


jelly u saycute jelly


I don’t even know what fucking league I’m in. I just move towards what’s appealing yo.


Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history 

Track Title: Be Okay

Artist: Oh Honey

Album: With Love


Be Okay | Oh Honey

Can’t complain about much these days, I believe we’ll be okay